How I can get over her.

Okay, So Me and my girlfriend broke up. We've been going out for 8 months, and we go to the same high school. I see her every freaking day. Our relationship was perfect, She was such of an amazing girl and she treated me right. But recently, she said that she lost interest in me, and now she likes some other guy. We're broken up, so yeah. Obviously I want her, because I still care for her. I'm asking all of you people of America, to PLEASE put it nicely of how I can manage to get over her! I know, I'm 16, I have the rest of my life. But I'm a guy though! It's hard for me! I don't do much, and I play my bass a lot. I'd love a girl that's 16 that's a virgin and hasn't done drugs. The thing is, that's quite hard to find where I live. I don't know if I'm insanely picky or what! Just please be nice and please tell me how I can get over her!

I want to be happy by myself for now, but in the future, I want the REAL girl of my dreams to come to me!

By DoughmanDan 12 years ago :: Bitter Ex
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