At what point do you realize it isn't working out and make a change?

My husband and I recently moved across country to be close to my family, as we had just finished all our education and training processes. We moved here to be near my family, partly per their request and partly due to our desire to be near them. We are still very far from my husbands family. In doing this, my husband has been able to secure a job and do phenomenally. I, however, have been unable to secure work. We are both highly educated, qualified, and recommended....just in a very specific line of work that may not support both of us in a small area. We are also first time home-buyers and have been unable to purchase a home. We have put in 5 offers on homes in a declining area, with most of which being on the market for close to if not beyond a year. We have even put in an offer of full asking price that was declined. And our financing for said properties has been secured and offers sent with pre-approval letters. The most concerning/questioning, however, is that the family members and friends that were very influential in our decision to relocate have not been the support system and social network that we had anticipated, leaving us angry, confused, and let down. We're just trying to figure out if everything that we're going through is really a way to let us know we would truly be happier some place else and it may be time to move on.
By hummmm 15 years ago :: General
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