Do you think that it is the womens responsibility to do the house work or should it be shared?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a little under 3 years and I am still in school, but graduating in May. We live together and I afford to pay as much as I can while in school and he thinks that since I can not financially afford half the bills at this current time that ALL the house work should be done by me. I disagree, I feel that he should still help out and do his part. I am currently going to school full time and working two jobs and taking care of the house, while I can not ask him to help me with anything. Just recently we got into a big arguement about this issue, AGAIN, and he told me, "you the girl and it's your responsibility.. so deal with it!" So, to him no matter what our financial situation he feels that it is the women's job to take care of the house and I disagree! So I want your opinion, both women and men... don't be afraid to be honest!
By MariaLynn 15 years ago :: Dating
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