What should i do shes my best friend??

my friend is going out with a different guy every 2 weeks and ,at first she says she likes the guy then the next week she brakes up with him.im not hattin on her or anything but i just dont want another guy to take her out and try to do stuff with her even though she doesnt want to do anything in the first place.Last time i tried to tell her tell her that she might get hurt one day playin the games shes playing but she assumed that i was mad cause i dont date as much guys as she does.Shes a great friend but shes constantly bragging about the guys she dates and does things with to me.Its like she tryes to make her self seem better then me or something i just dont know what to do any more i really want her to understand that her games aint gonna work out in the real life or after she gets out of high school
By Be_Witched95 15 years ago :: Roommates
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