Really, who is treating who badly?

Jay Leno was starting his monologue. Which I like to listen to. My wife hung up from talking with her sister and asked me if I wanted to hear something that her sister had told her. I said I really did want to hear the story but I asked if it could wait 10 minutes. I figured I couldn't pause the tv but she probably could wait a few minutes . She said ... ok I know that you like listening to Jay Leno. 10 minutes later .... I said honey .... what did your sister say? She refused to tell me. I said please tell me I really do want to know. she told me that she did not feel like telling me now. I told her I felt like hearing it. I felt like she was trying to punish me. After about 10 minutes of assuring her that I really did want to hear the story, I became somewhat angry inside. But all the while not letting the anger spill out. I asked her again. she told me that she didn't feel like telling me anymore and I waited without saying anything for about half an hour but I couldn't stand it anymore. I told her that I felt that she was trying to punish me for not listening to the story and asking her to wait. I said I felt that most people would just tell the story at that point. She said she wasn't mad or trying to punish me she just didn't feel like telling the story. I feel she is lying about not being angry , or she would just tell the story. Finally, she told me in a very cold way ..... it was actually funny and I laughed, but she sure didn't. Then I thought about writing sidetaker.
By Bubbajammy 15 years ago :: Marriage
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