What am I supose to do when the person I love say's he will move out because of my kid's

I'v been in a relationship off and on for over 1 year now and my partner is the person I belive I would like to spend the rest of my life with ,, well here goes
He wanted to start to date me I said yes , He asked me to marry him not long after we got together I said yes ,
But then thing's started changing he told me about 4 times he didn't want to be in a relationship because he was heart broken from his last one ,
but he keeped on saying yes he wanted it and then no he didnt want it ,, I stuck in there but one day he told me we was over and gave me every excuse under the sun , he wouldn't anser my text messages or phone calls he tret me like I didn't ezist ,, weeks later he told me that was was together I was shocked because I didn't know nothing of that prior because of what he was doing ,, any how I loved that idea and thought wow I'm so happy and the children from both sides was unbelivabley happy to thats' what they wanted ,, well any way's he moved in with his daughter and my chidlren , but he's been saying if my kid's keep on running a muck by not going to school he will leave and if they keep on playing up he will leave he said he dont care but he won't put up with kid's that play up ,, I belive this is so unfair on me as we don't fight and argue so the isue isn't him and I , so why take it out on our relationship ,, I belive that's a easy excuse because he don't want to deal with it , and the kid's away's say when are u getting married wich was supose to be on the 10/10/10 but he say's some day when you guys stop being naughty ,, once again he's taking it out on me , Iv done every thing right as a partner and feel like i'v been hung out to dry I cry most day's wondering if he's actualy going to come home , I feel lost because I dont realy have a direction in life any more due to his threts , I realy don't know how to handle it or what to say to him ,, I try to talk to him but he dont realy want to have a confrontation so he don't like to talk , but this is ever so hurtfull when i'm doing my best ,, please read this and tell me what you think i'd appreciate any feedback
By bindi 14 years ago :: Dating
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