Should I rat out my brothers who are the trustees of my mother's trust because they changed her intentions?

After my mother died, my brothers and I met and agreed to changes in her trust that benefited us at the expense of my deceased brother's family. This "deal" was OK with me even though I felt uneasy about it. Now, my brothers, who are the trustees, exclude me from any decisions and money they earlier agreed to share. One brother is a useless "ner do well", and the other is lawyer who should know better.
If I go public, I lose financially.The lawyer loses some money, but mostly an untarnished reputation. The useless one loses 50% interest in my mother's home, or all of it if he has to sell it to satisify me and my deceased brother's family. Should I expose them if they don't do as they agreed? I am concerned that confronting them might be viewed as either extortion or blackmail. Any advice out there?
By Coltman 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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