is he the one? or am i wrong?

my boyfriend and i have been together for two years now. we have discussed marriage and kids but not right now as we both think its too soon. do you think that if a man beleives youre the one, you should also feel it without a doubt? the thing is that he was looking for a place to rent on his own, as he considers that moving in together might be a huge weight for our relationship at this point, although i also have the same fear, i think that its the only way to see if a love story can actually last or not. anyway, in the meantime i also found a palce i would like to buy since i share an appartment with my sister and i need to get a place of my own soon. im 29 yo and hes 32. so, when i told him, he was very supportive, and he told me i should go for it cause he likes it that im willing to be independent. im ready to purchase this house, but suddenly im feeling lonely. shouldnt he worry or get jealous of me for wanting to stay alone? in addition, this purchase will cost me a fortune and it will be difficult for me to handle my finances. dont you think that at this point a couple should share more than just sex and dating? ok we have good times together and we both met each others parents and friends, we both said that we love each other and have been faithful so far. im not looking for someone to pay my mortgage or anything, i simply hoped for us to take a step forward...
By mynameisgigi 15 years ago :: Dating
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