How do I bring this up lightly..?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years, our two year anniversary being about one week ago. I love him very, very much, and I feel that he feels the same way. There's only one problem that still is plaguing my mind.
You see, last year, for our one year anniversary, I surprised him by taking him to a NFL football game, I bought the tickets, gas, etc.
I did this probably about a week before our actual anniversary, and in addition got him a smaller gift.
Now here is where the problem starts....
He didn't get me anything, well if you count the 18 cent scarf from a thrift shop, we didn't really do anything special.
Needless to say I was kinda devestated, and when I brought it up, he said he was going to buy me a ring. It made me feel better that he remembered, and I had told him that it wasn't the whole "not getting a gift" thing that hurt, it's that I had gone through all the trouble to make sure he felt special... I told him "it's the thought that counts".
I didn't bring the topic up because I figured that he might combine my bday gift as part of the anniversary gift.....
but he didn't.
To this day I didn't get anything. I'm not talking about just a gift, but any sort of date... nothing.
Well this year I'm hoping things would be different. We've grown much stronger as a couple. Our anniversary came and went, I gave him his gifts, and I still have yet to get/do anything.
Am I right to be upset? How do I bring up this conversation lightly?
By Tanica 15 years ago :: Dating
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