How to start off on the right foot!!!

Okay, I recently posted a question on how I can get over my ex girlfriend. She broke up with me, so it's hard for me to get over her. And obviously, in every relationship, you want the person back after you broke up. I am talking to her, and she's my friend now. I found out by talking to her, it calms me down when I'm sad. I know several thousands of people on the planet earth have gotten their hearts broken by another individual. So how can I start off on the right foot?

By the way, if you're wondering about me.
My name's Dan. I'm 16, and I dated my last girlfriend for 8 months. (I'm not going to go specifically into our relationship unless a lot of people ask for me to do so)
Anyways, a lot of my friends in the past have called me a sweet, loving, and caring individual. Even my recent ex still calls me a sweet person. I'm an excellent advice giver. I often write poetry, and I play the electric bass. I consider myself a good friend, and a fairly smart individual. The problem is, I really don't think I'm cute. And a lot of girls haven't called me cute, and the girls that have, I don't want to talk to, or be associated with. And I don't do much, I bike a lot in the summer (About 500 miles in two months!) I play bass, write, and just go to school.

Oh yeah, I've basically been in a relationship for the past year now. (And I bet you're thinking "Well he just said only 8 months!" Well, My first girlfriend I dated for 5 months, and my second girlfriend I asked out a month after I broke up with the first one!)

So really, I have two questions to please answer for me.

One. How do I get off on the right foot, and be confident, and happy single?

Two. Why do bad things happen to good people? I've had seriously bad relationship problems in the past two relationships I've had, well, that's because that's all I have had.
By DoughmanDan 15 years ago :: General
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