With neither spouse working, one waiting on a Workers Comp case should both participate in the house work?

I lost my job last year, and my husband has been out of work for a year as well, he suffers from PTSD and Depression. I do not believe his illness should keep him from doing some of the house work. His Doctor wants him to get excercise and house work is exercise. He needs to keep his mind occupied and he just sits in his room on his computer, watching movies, or practicing the harmonica. He does occasionaly make the bed, very rarely does he do any dishes and he does cook occasionaly. He says house work is not exercise. My day starts usually at 5 AM. Feeding the cat, I usually make his coffee when he gets up. Ok he says I dont make his coffee, I just put the coffee and sugar in it? Its instant coffee, but I heat the water. I let the dogs out when they wake up, I take my son to school, I come home and do dishes, vacum, laundry and whatever else needs to be done. He does go to the store in the morning and gets our daily things. The store is two minutes away. He says I don't need to do all these things every day, I say who else is going to. He said if "I did these things I would just go over and do them again." Not always true.
By karatemom06 15 years ago :: Marriage
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