Should a Dad make sure his daughter has school lunch?

Our daughter is back in school from getting over h1n1 virus, (she had it pretty mildly- as she is pretty healthy overall). I believe that now I have the virus, (and I am pregnant). So, I was resting after my husband and I got our daughter off to school. We woke up late, (as even my husband is mildly sick). I told our daughter that she can get hot lunch, (already have it paid for). However, I reminded her, (she is big enough to remember very well) that either her Dad or I would check with the school to see what specifically they were having htat day. (I had already looked up that it was spaghetti, but usually they mix in beef- (she doesn't like beef and I don;t like her eating it anyhow as I feel it is less helathy). I told my husband this, as well, and then I laid down, (even though I am sick- this was probably a mistake- I should have just called them then). My husband finished an art project he was working on, apparantley, while I rested. when I woke it was 15 minutes prior to her lunch. My husband says he doesn't believe that I told him about the lunch situation, (although I do remember it). Anyhow, nothing yet had been done about finding out more about her lunch. So, I called the school, but the lunchroom answered and then I got disconnected. So, I asked my husband to call back and they spoke with him. They said it was spaghetti with mixed in beef. So, I had already microwaved her a burrito and my husband got it to her school playground, (to look for her there, as that is were she would be by this point), with 25 minutes left before lunch/recess ended. He looked for her for 10 minutes and then he left. As a Mom- I would have at least stayed there and looked for her until the period was over- and then i probably would have spoke with the office to see if she could get a 5 minute extension to eat. As a Dad or a Mom, what would you do? To be fair- we have told her that if she has no oither choice to go ahead and get the hot lunch and at least eat the side dishes- today it was a fruit a drink and a pasta dish. So my husband said she wasn;t completley starving- but she gets hungry when this has happened in the past, (last school year it happened and she was very hungry that day after school).
By wellmore2cents 15 years ago :: Parenting
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