Who do you run to to find out things about your husband when you can't trust your closest friends?

I have a deep fear that my husband has been cheating for the past 3 months. His office hours changed, he shows interest in the gym and looking better about himself (which he hasn't for at least 10 years), he is buying grooming products, and he's been traveling for business once a week which he's never had to do before.

What's worse is I feel a few of my friends (which are his friends) are either helping him do it or one of them is the other woman! I don't know who to ask. I definitely feel like I'm being betrayed but I don't know how to go about finding out the truth, Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I really need to know for sure before I accuse anyone.

So what should I do?
By lolcatz 15 years ago :: Marriage
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