Is this inconsiderate?

I have been urging and begging my boyfriend to get his motorcycle going. After weeks and weeks of talking about it and begging him to teach me, the bike gets fixed. It sits in the garage for weeks!
I stay with him for days at a time so I was there for a few rainy days in a row. The minute I left, the very next day, he took the bike out himself.
The entire neighborhood came out to see the loud thing and to ooh and aaah and I was nowhere to be found. He says it's his bike, he can do whatever he wants whenever and it was probably going to be the last nice day. I feel hurt that I was not included and couldn't get all excited by watching him and cheering for him in front of everyone on the curb.... He says I have absolutely no right to be upset and hurt. Am I insane? or is he an inconsiderate jerk?
Please help!!! We have been together for 3-1/2 years.
By Mia74 15 years ago :: Dating
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