My husband won't let me go out because someone needs to be "watching" the house. (He is out of town) ??

Okay my husband went out of town for the weekend. (haloween weekend.) He says he wants someone to watch the house on Saturday to make sure no one messes with it, being Haloween. (We live in townhomes, neighbors on both side!!!) Saturday night, I got invited out to go out with friends.I jumped at the chance and was super excited . We have been married one year and i hardly ever go out, this literally might have been the second time with friends. (that is another story, besides the point) My husbands dad said he would stop by and check on the house. So i figure, I don't need to be just sitting at home. Any who, I go out and my husband calls me, mad, and makes me go home to sit and watch the house. His dad stopping by is not enough. He wants someone at the house the WHOLE night. I am 5 ft, 95 pounds, mind what the heck am i supposed to do even if something DOES happen?!?! It won't though... because we live in town homes, with neighbors on both side. So I am now
By cuccicoo08 15 years ago :: Marriage
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