side job then he moves out

Ok , hard to explain but will do my best. My husband took a side job that his sister got him , the person he was doing the job for was a client of his sister. At the time he and I were not doing so good. He wanted out I wanted to work it out. She started calling him and leaving messages at all hours of the night, really trying hard to befriend him because she knew we at the time were having problems. Ok, so she helps him find another place, let him stay with her until his place came thru. He swears nothing ever happened between the 2 of them but she really got into him. We go back together 2 months later. He never finished the job she paid him. this was 2 years ago. She still calls him,he said had felt nothing for her and that they were just friends, said he could'nt because at the time he still had feelings for me, he needed to see if our marriage was what he wanted. should I be worried? I do not want him to go back to finish the I wrong?
By grl41 15 years ago :: Marriage
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