Is it just me? Or what!!!

Granted I have not been on this site that long & there have been some great & legitimate questions. Lately I have noticed a lot of questions that don't pertain to much of anything. It's either how do you fix a touch screen, what do you think of when you hear the name..... or Connecticut, or they just seem like a put on question. I don't mind seeing teenagers asking legitimate questions for real problems because the people here give some great advice. But it does make me wonder, do their parents even know that they are on this site? More than likely not!!! Please ask legitimate & honest questions & you will get the best possibly answers. Also at the top of the page when asking your question, follow the proper grammar, spelling, & punctuation tips, besides your computer tells you when you have misspelled a word - so please use it!!!

I just needed to vent :-)
By HB_Mom 15 years ago :: General
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