Do good manner's still exist? I am feeling very disillusioned by people!

I studied with a gay guy and developed a good friendship and we had some fun times/adventures. He has a serious drinking issue and without being rude can be somewhat self serving! Been let down on a couple of occasions and made the effort to continue the friendship given the history etc. His parents both died and I took time off work to support him through this loss.
He asked to recently come up for lunch - I spent significant amount of money and he failed to turn up despite the previous day confirming the arrangment. I was very hurt - no phone call and to this day he still has not called. He apparently went out the previous night and was hung over according to a friend. There has been some distance and information passed back to me was that I "should accept people's flaw's". I have reflected and he gives minimally back so I let it go and no longer willing to put time into this given it feels unfair/not respectful but a few friends appear to disapprove of my position. (Saying this he has not behaved to them in this manner.)
I dont believe this is the essence of friendship. I have had some lovely guests in the past and always try to be hospitable myself.
By utopia 15 years ago :: Friends
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