Should SideTaker prevent vampire judgments (thumbs-up/thumbs-down) voting taking place ?

As everyone can see, there are are a handful of people that do not offer opinions, they simply cast votes without explanation showing agreement or disagreement with the stated opinion to be voted on. Its clear if the thumbs-up is voted, then the voter is in agreement with the person who had the courage to write out an opinion and nothing further needs to happen.

However, if an opinion is thumbed-down, there is no real feed back as to what the voter was objecting to (the details of the comment). How is that helpful to anyone and how does that promote a more well rounded discussion at sidetaker ? Simply thumbing-down does not offer a better opinion than the one being voted on, nor does it show why the opinion was flawed. This could be easily corrected by requiring an opinion to be posted (by the voter) at the time the vote was posted similar to being required to login to post a question or post a response to a question. Implementing is just way to easy thru a small script in the post comment button which would then make the vote button go live after the comment got posted.

For those out here commenting, its not right that vampire voters get to hide while commenters are being judged on content. The voters need to be judged as well and offer their reasoning why they disagree . Offering an opinion is not free, it has risk of being judged on its merit, however voting is free, it carries no risk and does not offer insight. Why is it that passing judgment is free, but actually being judged is not ???? agree or disagree ?
By GreyBeard 15 years ago :: General
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