What does it REALLY mean when a girl says... "I like you as a friend and don't wanna lose you as one"?

I have been seeing this girl for the last one year and we've been going for outings often now that I am in the same city.Throughout I have been getting a lot of mixed feelings from her end.On one end,if I try calling her up,my calls are never attended to yet I get calls from her almost every day/2nd day at her convenient time.

It's been made clear to me time and again that she doesn't want to get into a relationship,yet recently I met her after a gap of 1-2 weeks and I got a hug from her which truely indicated how much she missed me while we were apart.Though nothing physical has happened between us till now (I've been maintaining a distance though have hinted to her about it),but holding hands in public is a fairly regular thing.

No matter how close I maybe to any of my friends,but clinging to the fairer sex/holding hands is something reserved for that special someone in my book.

Am I wrong in thinking so and how does one improve upon from here if there is a chance to?I do care for her a lot but yet don't want to end up being taken for granted all the time and also be categorised as "just a friend".
By anubis81 13 years ago :: Dating
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