Should I Still Have Chores?

I am still at home with my parents. I mean like, I know I should do some things but I feel I should when I want to. Is it right for me to still have chores at 18? I have to wash dishes and clean my room& my bathroom. I don't think it's fair. My mom is a stay at home mom. Shouldn't she do all the cleaning along with cooking? I mean like, my friends all say they have no chores. They just go home and do their homework and that's it. Mom says I don't have a job and Dad pays for things but it's sooo unfair! She also makes me fold laundry after she does it all. I already know how to fold clothes enough is enough! She says she's teaching me how to be responsible. I don't think so what do you guys think? I mean like I know she has a lot of other things to do cleaning after my other sis and bro. She has chores for them too and we think it's not fair!! Just because she cooks and cleans the other part of the house...I still think it's unfair!
By JazzyG 15 years ago :: General
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