how would i find things like bugs incased in amber or a bug in a piture case??

my daughter age 12 is really into seeing things up close but are of corse dead ( and i agree ) she will see a lolipop with a dead scoripon inside or spider, beetle..and once she saw a butterfly in a glass case typt picture frame it was huge but couldnt afford the price they had (75.00) so im thinking x mas gifts and looking for stuff like that but am haveing no luck unless i want bulk like a box of 34 scorpion lolipops for 67.00..i would like to be able to search and pick a few odd and ends ( like spiders, beetles, butterflies and what have u. ) so do u know were i could find stuff like that or what i would put in to find that any help i would be so thankful...on the upside i did find a tickle plant lol..
By momof4 15 years ago :: General
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