Do you think I am wrong?

I have a 17 year old daughter. .She is a SR in high school. I know alot of parents do not let their children drink. I don't like that I have caught her with her friends drinking a few times. I have occasionally let her at home. I preach to her , if she goes anywhere on the weekens w/ friends. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE , or do not let anyone who has been drinkig to drive her anywhere.. To call me if ever this happens that I did not care what time it was. She stayed with her grandparents for a week or 2 a while back and told them that she was staying the night at a friends house. Well, I found out this was not true, I found her at a party , she drove there and I assume she planned on staying there. I went to get her from this party and made her leave her truck there. I feel that I embarrased her infront of her friends it hurt me to do that. She is very upset w/ me. I kinda feel like a hipocrite by sometimes letting her drink at home and then doing this to her....please tell me wha you think??
By grl41 14 years ago :: Parent/Child
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