when trying for a loan to buy your first house what did u need to have or had to have done first

me and husband want to try to buy our first home what should we do first? what should we gather ( rent checks,what bills,anything ) also i think my husbands credit score is far better then mine ( i had a crapy past and an idiot x ) would we get denied all because of me? what if he just applied for the loan? i pay our bills best i can, i make our car payments, insurece payments, his child suport, he makes good money and works i swear 24/7. i am asahm with 2 kids and i babysit. so if u were me what would u do? what would we need what do u sujest..i hear thinks like fanny mea, first time home buyers. were never late on rent that is #1 any info would help me out im a lil worried ok im scrared and feel lost and alone and no were to turn..thanks in advance xo
By momof4 14 years ago :: General
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