I am engaged to the most perfect man on the planet but I think i may be falling for his friend ...WHAT NOW!

I met his friend about a year ago and there was an intense vibe... everyone noticed... i was able to ignore it for about a year but now its just gotten to the point where i cant. I went to dinner with him last night. We had a lot of fun but I know that if my fiance knew he prolly wouldnt like it cause like i said everyone could tell there was a vibe.... I dont wanna cheat. i dont wanna break off my engagement... but i also dont know if i should just ignore something that seems to keep running into me.... I love my fiance hes perfect and sometimes TOO PERFECT that it makes me overwhelmed. But its gotten to the point where i cant even make love to him without thinking of the other one.....

NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE> JUST HONEST OPINIONS> Believe me I hate myself enough for everyone hahaha

By anon123 15 years ago :: Dating
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