My bf and I once had an open relationship, now i'm thinking of leaving him for the second guy. what do I do?

My boyfriend and I had an open relationship about a month ago. He went out to a party, which he only flirted with a girl at. I however, went out with a guy and had sex with him. We've reconciled but things had been a little bitter - including previous problems.

I felt that I needed to get out one night, because he has issues trusting me - its something thats always aggravated me. I had been talking to a guy I met at college so I decided to go to the party with him. We've been texting a lot and seeing eachother at school, and hes really sweet to me. He thinks that i'm going to move out soon and back with my mom (he lives in a college dorm), but i'm not sure if thats the best option for me because I enjoy my boyfriend.

Another problem that adds to this is that my boyfriend is white, which my parents are accepting of; the boy I like is black. If I did even date him, would my parents freak out more than I can handle. I'm unsure at this point exactly what to do. Help!
By emily13 15 years ago :: Dating
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