Should we destroy a dangerous blackbear?

We live in a rural area where blackbears also live. We have lived here for 12 years and have had no issues with the bears until this year. A particularly large bear has been hanging around our house. It shows no fear when we yell or honk the car horn and doesn't run from the dog. A few weeks ago it broke thru a window trying to get into the home. We called fish and game to trap it and re locate it but they say they need several more complaints to do so. they recommended we shoot it with a bow and arrow if we were bow hunters, or shoot it if it charged us. I have no issue with hunting-i do eat meat. I sent a shout out on the local community board asking for people to call if they felt threatened. I got lots of people telling me that relocating the bear is cruel as (and she is pregnant, another concern as she will teach her cub to not fear humans) relocated bears rarely survive because they are run out of other bears territories and don't know where the food sources are(fish and game confirmed this does happen often) and others who said the bears were here first so we have to learn to co exsist. I am so worried about our twins age 8 and won't them play outside. I think it is time to destroy the bear because it has lost its fear of people and will continue to teach its young that humans don't need to be feared. Am I right or is there another alternative?
By snap 14 years ago :: Neighbors
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