I can't tell if I'm right or wrong.. and it may ruin my chances to marry my fiancee..

My Fiance and I met through work and worked in the same office for awhile. I now work at home for a different business and he still manages the office side of things. He has a business partner who has been atrocious towards me, blames everything he can on me, talks down to me, and in general is a complete dick. As of last week my fiancee had made the decision to leave the business and branch out into new and better things, we were so excited about this decision b/c we realized we wouldn't have to deal with "dick" anymore. As of Monday he was quitting and "dick" or any of the other co workers we did not like anymore were not being invited to our wedding in June and I wouldn't have to deal with this guy ever again!
On monday "dick" called my fiance and talked him into staying and now my fiance is tossing back and forth with it. I stated to him that I support him and all he does, but I will not be involved in anything that has to do with that business or "dick" a.k.a. business dinners, holiday parties etc. he got immediately defensive and said i was being un-supportive, I told him I was not being un-supportive of him but I don't support "dick" . So we have fought all night and I have thrown the question out to him that if that is the route he chooses to go I'm wondering if our wedding is even something to go through with, b/c "dick" is manipulative and will still be a big part of his life, so will I feel resentment towards him every time he chooses to go do something "business" whether its golfing drinks a trip to orlando or anything else with "dick" b/c he will be choosing that over his own wife? Then my fiance said that he feels if he just quits now b/c he knows I want him to he will resent me forever for that and that would help our marriage either. My fiance feels the best thing to do with this scenario is agree to disagree, but I can not accept that. Any advice?? :-(
By lc123 15 years ago :: Workplace/Co-workers
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