Should I go to the shower? Should I just ignore the invitation or should I call the girl?

I am not sure what to do. I have a cousin. I really haven't spoke to her in 20+ years. Never had a fight. She is just older than I am and the family just grew apart. She and her daughter came to my fathers funeral 2 years ago. I said a brief hello and goodbye. I met her daughter at this time. That was it. Haven't spoken to them since.

In September, my mother and my brother's wife received invtations to the daughters Bridal shower. i did not receive and inviation. 2 weeks ago, I receive a phone call out of the blue form the girl ( I'll assume, maid or honor) asking why I had not responded to the shower. I told her that I did not receive an invitation. Although she could not tell me to which address she had sent it, she told me that she had and wanted to know if I would come. She never mentioned my 16 year old daughter and indicated that I could bring her only when I asked her if I could bring her. She did say yes, but I don't think she even knew that she existed. I asked her to forward me an invitition and gave her my current address. After one week , I still had not received an invitation or another call, so I called her and left a message indicating that i was waiting for the invitation with the registry info. Now, two weeks after the first call I receive and 3 days before the shower, I receive the invitation. It is only addressed to me, my daughter is not mentioned on it and there is no additional note or apology or anything. My sense of duty it telling me to go, but my friends tell me I am crazy. My 2nd cousin ( the girl who is getting married) is basically a stranger to me, but she never did anything to offend me. To add the icing to the cake, my mother has now had an argument with my sister-in-law over this shower and they are not on speaking terms. My mother does not want to go anymore, but told me that she would come with me for my sake.

What should I do . Go? not go? Call? or just not respond?

Please respond ASAP as the shower is this Saturday.
By Mary323 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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