My bf of 5 months asked me to marry him. How will i know that he's the one?

I came from a family of divorced parents, because of this i tend to doubt my future in marriage. I know i want to be married and have my own family of my own but at the same time fear that i will end up like my parents. My guy is a good guy and never complains about me or my family. He has seen how my parents are like and says that he is okay with them even if i myself get stress with them. My parents think that i may also not get the same luxury in life that they are able to give me. Though he is hardworking and have some savings as well. Honestly, i don't know if i love him or is it because he seems to be perfect for my needs? He is not really my so called "my type" but i feel secure from the first time i met him. How will i know if i love him, if i don't get gitters. But i know i love him because i appreciate and admire him, is that love even without that butterfly in the stomach?
By pear 15 years ago :: Marriage
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