He won't let me get my first tattoo!

I've always wanted a tattoo. When I turned 18, I held it off because I'm a puss for pain. I'm 23 now, I have 2 kids, and now I want to fulfill that want. This will be my first tattoo. I asked my husband numerous times if I can get one. He responds with, "It's up to you. It's not nice on women, but if you want one, it's your body, I can't stop you from getting one. But I'm just saying, it's not nice on women, is my opinion."

Then just last night I told him that I'm going to get the tattoo this coming saturday. Once I told him that he said, "Don't get it." Why all of a sudden the whole "NO!" I've asked many times and he gave me that, "It's up to you, it's your body." answer. I asked him why can't I get one. He responds, "Tattoos are slutty!" But I've known other women have tattoos who are far from being tagged/titled a slut. I asked, "So if I get a tattoo, am I a slut?!" and he says, "I didn't say you're a slut!" BUT if I DID get one, AM I A SLUT?!

He got so upset last night when I told him that, whenever he wants to do something that I don't want him to do, he's gonna do it anyway no matter what my answer is. But when I want to do something that he doesn't approve of, I can't do it. It's not fair. My husband is not abusive or a control freak whatsoever.

When my husband and I argue, he doesn't like to talk it out. He just walks away and chills, and then forget about the whole fight. Which leaves me SO MANY unanswered questions and feelings.

I told him that I'll put it in a place where it's not revealing when I wear clothes, but not even that is okay for him. No one will know that I have a tattoo but him.

I told him that since it BOTHERS him much enough for him to start kicking the kids toys around the house and cussing at me, then I won't get it. But I STILL want it. IT'S JUST A TATTOO! It's not like I'm gonna put someone's name on my body, unlike him!

I still don't know why or understand really why he freaked out about one simple tattoo that I'm going to put on MY BODY, NOT HIS. He's the kind of guy to just walk away from an argument and forget about it. Even when he forgets and he's all calm about it, I'll bring it back up, and he still doesn't want to talk.

Should I get the tattoo anyway?
Should I just give up the tattoo?
By xlovergirl 15 years ago :: Marriage
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