Am I being oversensitive?

This is my first question to post here and I feel like it's kinda stupid compared to some of the more serious questions. But, I'll do it anyway. 

This morning on my commute there was a car wreck blocking both lanes on my side of the road. There was a fire truck blocking the lanes but there wasn't anyone directing traffic.

Some cars were going right and some left. I followed the car in front of me to go left as I was in the left straight lane when we came up on the wreck. I was in the left lane to turn but I had to wait for an oncoming car before I could.

While I was waiting a fire officer approached my car and began screaming at me so loudly I could hear every word through my rolled up windows.

He was screaming at me that I can't go straight, what was I thinking? I need to go right or left. He kept repeating over and over that I can't go straight and finally yelled that I just need to get off the road. The entire time he's yelling and waving his arms and standing in front of my car. He didn't look and notice the oncoming car so I had to stay there and listen to his raving, when I was trying to do what he told me to do without causing another wreck. The other officers were standing by the fire truck laughing at me. And remember, it wasn't that he had asked me to turn in a reasonable way and then I ignored his direction. He approached my car already screaming.

This upset me a lot, first of all because I felt like a deer in the headlights. When people scream at me when I'm driving I get very nervous and often end up making a stupid mistake because I'm so worked up.

Secondly, I pay for these guys to have a job and instead of assisting cars coming up on this wreck, the officer chose to publicly humiliate me, yelling so loudly everyone could hear while his fellows laughed at me.

I was polite to him, mouthing okay over and over while I waited for the oncoming car, but by the time I had finally turned left I was so nervous I was shaking.

Do you think I'm being oversensitive? Did this officer act inappropriately? Would you file a complaint about this kind of situation?

Thanks for any comments, you guys. I think y'all are smart and insightful. 
By rowena 15 years ago :: General
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