what to do with an "adult" child..(step-daughter too)..that did not let the dog out for us all weekend????

I have 4 step children...hubby and I went away for the weekend..he had asked his daughter to come and let our dog out..she was in a kennel all weekend...to feed her let her go out etc....we were gone for a day and half....we called her on our way home to let her know we would be home soon and not to go over again...when we called she had forgotten all about it...i was so mad and upset. i cried all the way home ..so worried about my little dog!!!.she was fine, with no accidents..this girl is 21 yrs old and has 3 dogs of her own!!!....her dad said nothing about it, she apolgized on the ph, but thats it!!!...we havent heard a word from her since...its been a week!!!..i am so upset with her ..im not sure i can even be in the same room with her....my hubby wont let me say anything to her, afraid that would make problems....what do i do, just forget about it????
By LoriLynne 15 years ago :: Parenting
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