I don't want a relationship, but how do I get out of this?

I've had a serious relationship for over 7yrs. When it ended I felt heartbroken and needed some time off of everything. That's how I stumbled into this situation. I've recently met someone I can talk to very well. After a few nights out one thing led to another and now we are bedpartners aswell. She is married (that's not an issue for me so please no comments on that) but unsatisfied in her relationship with her husband. We've spoken a few times about the subject and she knows I don't want anything more. But lately it seems that she's trying to push me in a certain direction so she can leave her husband and come live with me. (She wouldn't leave him on her own)
We've become really good friends but the way she acts lately makes me want to avoid her all together. I've tried confronting her with this but she denies that these are her intentions (against my feeling), after which she gets a grip for about two weeks and the the whole thing starts all over again.
i don't want to loose a friend but this is killing me...
By AgentOrange 14 years ago :: Dating
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