Am I being over-sensitive??

I have been dating a great guy for a few months. We now live together and are very happy.

Since the very beginning of our relationship, I have noticed and he told me that he is a very quiet man. He doesn't talk a lot AT ALL! So far it hasn't bothered me so much because even though he doesn't communicates much, he does the nicest things that speak a 1000 word and, when he's had a couple of drinks, he ends up telling me that he loves me, and that he is sorry he doesn't talk much etc...

BUT... (there is always a but, isn't there?! ;)

In the last week, there have been a couple of occasions where his lack of communication REALLY pissed me off!!

1/ He started booking a 10 days trip for his birthday. I can't go with him because I can't take leaves from work at that time so he decided to make it a boy's trip which I have no problem with. My issue? He booked his departing flight ON THE DAY of his birthday!
I think he should be with me that day.

When I spoke to him about it, and told him that I would like him to spend his birthday with me, he said that'll he'll think about it and see if he can change the date and that his birthday is not that important to him as he was always working away before so never really celebrated it in the last 5 years.

2/ Yesterday, while speaking to his sister, she asked me if we were coming to the NYE funtion her and her husband are going to. So I turned to my boyfriend and asked him if we were going or not and he said he was going "with the boys". I kind of flipped and asked him why he hadn't told me about it and he said he completely forgot and that by asking him now, I just reminded him.
He then said that if his sister was going to, I could come to as "it doesn't bother him"
I didn't feel really "wanted" then and got a bit annoyed.

When we spoke about it a bit later, telling him that in my books, it is a given that we will spend some days/events (xmas, NYE, birthdays.. etc) he responded that with him being away for the last 5 years for most events, he didn't think they were that important.

3/ He went to a concert on Saturday night. I didn't go because I didn't have a ticket. He purchased his months ago (before we met) and i couldn't get one because it was sold out. No biggie.
Until this morning, when I saw the pics his mate put on Facebook and it seems that his ex-girlfriend was there.. He is not on any of the pictures with her but she appears on a picture taken with a girlfriend of ours that went with him and his mate.
He came back home straight after the concert so no worries there, I am not worried about him cheating (he is very trustworthy) but I was really pissed off that he didn't mention she was there.

Just to give you some perspective, my ex-left me and got back with his ex and knocked her up after 2 weeks....

So... Am I getting pissed off to easily or should he communicate more?? I don't want him to *change* but I would like him to communicate a bit more with me..

By Lilette 13 years ago :: Dating
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