What do you have for a hobby?

Ok so basically my BF thinks I need a hobby. He loves to work on his motorcycle, truck, woodworking, welding etc. I would also like to add that pretty much anything that is left after monthly expenses goes to his hobbies. Pretty much the guy is never bored but always broke.

Me on the other hand I don't do much. Sleeping is not a hobby yet I think I could make it one. I sometimes play video games and I lose intrest within 10 or 15 minutes, no matter the game. I am not artsy, mechanically inclined, and because of a knee injury I am limited as to what I can do outside. I don't like wasting money so the idea of having to invest in something that is not important seems ridiculous to me. However he thinks I need to do something other then clean and sleep (which is pretty much what I do when I am not working) My biggest problem is that I get bored with everything. I start a model I don't care to finish it. I can do word puzzles and such but have never finished a book. I do read but usually it's to kill time on a bus (I don't drive). I have had a few things I thought might be cool like building a gas powered car/plane but the starter kit is several hundred and upgrade and extra parts makes that price even higher. I will never spend that kind of money on what I consider being a “toy” and not needed in “real” life.

I have asked coworkers and friends that have hobbies and they like to make jewelry, crafts, clay work, cooking, sewing, stained glass, designs on shirts (like a printing press) and none of that interests me and most of it costs a ton of money to get supplies, tools, colors, etc. I can't imagine spending 50 bucks or more on something I probably won't finish and that will get stored away and eventually throw away because I needed to “try” something new.

It boils down to the fact that when I am bored I sleep. I don't know what I can do that won't cost me money or VERY little money and that will keep me interested for more then a few minutes. So I figured maybe the people on here would have a suggestion or two.
By i8lsd4u 15 years ago :: General
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