Is it rude that I don't send cards for Holidays or Birthdays?

I never purchase or send cards for any holidays. I don't even include a card with a birthday gift if I am giving it in person. My husband's family is big on card giving-Every holiday including Halloween and the 4th of July and definately for birthdays. The gift arrives seperately from the card. Now, I understand including a card if you are giving money or a gift certificate because you can't wrap those things, but purchasing a pre made card seems silly. I have sent homemade cards, especially those made by my kids when they were little. I will send an email, or picture or letter just never a card. My husband's Aunt has complained about our lack of card sending-she is biggest card sender of all-but supporting Hallmark just isn't my thing. Is this rude?
By snap 14 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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