Who should pay? A Real Estate Question.

My husband and have been trying to purchase a short sale property for 5 extremely stressful and tedious months. Our offer ,of full appraisel price, has been accepted by the sellers' bank,but the bank will not cover the sellers 6% towards closing. Our contract, which was drawn up, signed by sellers and buyers, and submitted 5 months ago allowed for 6% seller contribution. Currently, we are ready to finally go to the closing table, but the sellers no longer want to contribute the 6% as agreed upon 5 months ago, which leaves us a $10000 bill to close on the home. Seeing as this was not the agreement, and we were never informed that this was a possibility, we feel it is inappropriate to come to us for such a large sum of money after such a long, and painful process. I might also add that we have been out numerous fees and appraisels to our bank due to the length of the process, and some of the closing costs we are being asked to pay are tax liens against the property. Obviousely, we did not personally cause those. Just curious to see other peoples opinions and responses and if anyone else has been in this situation.
By hummmm 15 years ago :: General
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