What to do about a widowed 68 year old man who lives with adult non working children and pays most everything

I have been going with a widowed 68 year old man for about 2 1/2 years... we get along fine and have fun but he has 5 grown adult children ages 30 to 43. He lives with two one is on disability for mental problems and food stamps but is very able to work, gets jobs and works for about 4 days and leaves because he does not want to work hard..or at all and the other one works about 15 hours a week......both are very able to work but since he gives them money for what ever they need they are very happy to sit home and watch tv. He used to live with me but since he retired I do not believe he should live with me and pay their expenses, or for me to go to work and for him to hang out in my house. I know the answer but still need moral support. Help
By Jakesmom 16 years ago :: Dating
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