I confided in a dear family member who is very religous and she practically told me to get a life.

I've always had self-esteem issues. I married really young at 16 and divorced after 30 years. My issue is my self esteem and here lately, I have too constantly keep picking myself up. I have a close cousin that I confided in a lot and she was so much help. She was a sister to me and I really enjoyed confiding in her, whether it was the kids, my new husband, or my work. She was such a delight and always gave me such great advice. She also is a very, very religious woman. Just recently I had some issues and I needed to talk about them. My cousin who would always listened and gave great advice made a drastic turn. I called her just to chat and see how her day was and to talk a little about my problem, and she told me that..... "I'm not trying to hurt your feeling, but your too needy and you need to be a more independant thinker and that I do have other people that I talk to, and do not take offense if I don't respond back to you in the time that you would want me too". I was shocked at her comment, and all I could say at the time was ok. I was too choked up too say anything else. I looked up to this woman, because she was a sister and a mother that I do not have. She called a week later after her comment, but I could and have not returned her call. After I did not return her call, she left me a dry apology for her comment. I haven't returned any of her calls because I'm so hurt by what she said. And it concerns me that she is so reglious acting like this. All I needed was someone to talk too..please any advice would help. Thank you.
By needsecurity2 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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