Alcohol is a problem because he's made it a problem but takes no responsibility himself.

Me and my boyfriend dated for 3 months long distance. I would come here on weekends and we would usually have a few drinks on Friday night or Saturday night or both. There was one time I had a little too much when we were all at a band practice of his and there were several people around, all drinking. It was late and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. Other than this, I drink occasionally on weekends, 3-5 drinks. I never drink during the week or during the day, yet he has band practice two weeknights a week and drinks every time. I moved to this city to be with him about 2 months ago. I dont' know how it got brought up but I asked him what his band thought about me (I think we were talking about one of the other bandmate's girlfriends) and he said "They don't know you at all because you've always been passed out". This really, really hurt. I gave up a good job and numerous friends to come move here and be with him, he didn't have to change a freaking thing. I have gone every Sunday for breakfast with his band, gone to one of their houses on thanksgiving, other shows and the flea market without a drop of alcohol involved. So i was very hurt by this. I asked him what he meant and he said to me "I think you drink too much" and lashed out on me big time. This was months ago that one time I drank too much, and he never said a thing. So I told him fine, I will quit drinking for a while but you should practice what you preach. So we settled on that. The next day, he had the nerve to come home with a fucking 12 pack and sit there drinking beer. I was LIVID. How do I resolve this issue? Our relationship has been great until 3 days ago when he made that comment, now I find myself thinking of him and being angry. What a hypocrit! Any advice would be helpful.
By Lazarus27 12 years ago :: Dating
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