Fight or flight?? So confused

My boyfriend that I have been seeing for almost a year has battled with a drug addiction for years. A few months ago I caught him using again and he promised to stop. I have told him I would do whatever possible to help him give up the drug, and he shows appreciation and says he just needs me to be there for him. About a week ago, I caught him again. He had been using for the past few months and says he is working on quitting, but he has to decrease his use because he can quit cold turkey because of withdrawls. I had been suspecting his use and asked him, but he kept lying to me until I found evidence. I keep telling him I am going to leave if it continues, but how far is too far? I love him and want to help him but at the same time it hurts to see him messed up and it is hard to trust him. What do I do?
By sunnyside06 15 years ago :: Dating
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