u guys don't know my story?!!!!

Look all this stupid ansers about I'm imature is bomidy!!! I just fuckin care about my baby.....I'm not cuting him losse or nun!!!! I plan to stay with him the longist I can I truely love him.... And that day was stupid but he took me back... Because he loves me and it's been 1 year since that happened and I'm older... I'm doin my studys I have good grades. But I think my baby boy needs to grow up a lil...I'm seriously in love... Idk what he's thinkin he wants us to live together next year and have a baby.... Yea i Know that's a big responceiblty....but shit....we planed everything and we plan to get married .. :) and no im 17 for the person that thinks I'm 14 LOLz I'm happyier then I am thanx u guys u kinda helped ...
By juicyb1 15 years ago :: Dating
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