How old is too old for Santa?

My cousin is 14 years old, so in high school, and still believes in Santa Claus, to the point where he is getting picked on in school for being a baby.

He is very passionate and truly believed Santa still exists, and coming home from school feeling miserable about being picked on about it.

His mother just stands by and says that he'll figure it out soon enough, but in the next breath asks if he has sent his letter to Santa yet and emphasizes the important of being Good for Santa..etc.

He opened up to me about his bullying at school, and I was so very ready to break the news that Santa wasn't real, but remembered it wasn't my place. Plus I didn't want to upset the boy.

My partner agrees with his mother, that it's something that he needs to figure out on his own, but I think he should be finally told about it, as it is affecting him to the point of bullying.

Who is right?
By nickyr22 15 years ago :: Parenting
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