what do i do, is it a mistake? does she still love me? VERY curious

if your girlfriend has recently broken up with you and you want her back, is it a mistake to continue talking to her normally like nothings wrong because when i act upset i feel like i push her away further and further.. but when i act cold she always wants me back and right now none of those things are working right now and its killing me. she said she just wants a break, weve had plenty of breaks in the past and its all worked out in the end so im hoping it will sort out now to but back in the day not even that long ago i used to be able to not reply to her message in 15 minutes and she'd be pranking me just to see if im ignoring her! by her actions and the things she used to do i could just tell she loves me... now i dont know

im hoping that she is going to come back to me after all she said she just wants space and time to get over our serious fights we've had. there is clearly more to the story but i had never done something against her, or done something that she should have a reason to break up with me. if anything i have loved her way to much and i sometimes think i gave her too much, maybe that was why our relationship isent working out right now. because the first 3 quarters of our relationship she was perfect only because i didnt chase her, now i started to chase her and shes gone off rails. when i tell her shes changed, she tells me ive changed too but i no if ive changed in any way its because ive turned into a more respectful and caring person. our whole relationship shes always asked me to do things for her, got upset over small things, she new i would never chase her, she wouldnt let me go, she would always ask for more but not in a bad way but NOW ever since i gave her what shes always wanted, spending more time with her, letting her now how i feel, being 100% honest with absolutley everything even if its irrelevant etc, she has completley changed. it kills me because i no no matter what happens, she will never find a guy like me and ill never find a girl like her.. the things we did together wasnt just your ordinary boyfriend and girlfriend, everyone new about us, not as in everyone but the people who new us therefore no one bothered to get between us because they new no matter what was going to happen we wernt going to break up.

she used to tell me, i can never let you go, even if you cheated i probably would forgive you, i cant live with out.. but now it seems that since we;ve been fighting shes gone weaker and weaker.. and shes even admitted it and i just want to know why out of no where she cant keep fighting for us, because when asked me to fight for us back in the day she used to cry her self to sleep.. now im finally doing it and shes backing away. i just think its unfair, im really curious to whats going on..

i wana be with her, and i no she loves me because shes told me numerious amount of times. i just wanna know is it possible to not love someone over night or get over someone so quick after being in such a long relationship? ( a year and a half), what should i do.. is there any way i should call her and meet up with her because i know she would just talk to her about it or is that a bad idea? is there anything i can do other then moving on that could help?
By Andrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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