Do I need to participate in Easter festivities with husband's family?

My husband has a fairly large family and they are very important to him. While I respect this and try to accompany him to most family functions, it is always difficult for me as I suffer from anxiety in relation to social situations. It is something that I am working on in therapy...It's not constant but is difficult to predict when it may occur. For this reason, I often times avoid making plans with his family and others unless I have absolutly no choice. They are not difficult people to be around...It is my own insecurity that gets in my way. My dilemma is once again whether I should push myself to make it through another family gathering or is it O.K this time to sit this one out? I love my husband very much and I don't want to be difficult but it gets to be so difficult for me... I become a nervous wreck sometimes a week leading up to the event. For the record,I don't drink and tranquilizers make me too sleepy. I hate the way that I am and resent the hardship it imposes upon my life and my marriage. If you have any advice or perspcective...Thank you.
By tallicarules 15 years ago :: Marriage
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