What are the chances he is cheating on me too?

I met my current boyfriend almost a year ago, we had a brief encounter and lost touch - due to us both living in different countries.
On my return to his country, he emailed me and called asking to catch up - for hours upon hours I declined given the past situation, however he did not give up.

We met up and everything fell into place - perfectly.
He had explained that there were a few issues with an ex or two at the time of our first meeting and everything seemed quite legit.

Long story short, we made things official a short while after that and I spent 5 weeks over there on holidays a few months later, during this time I found out that he had had a girlfriend when we first met - they have since broken up.
And also, on my return - when we met up again - he was still seeing the 'crazy ex' he had been telling me about.

Whilst I do believe in the past being the past and that generally it shouldn't affect the current relationship - I do fear that he may being seeing other women whilst we are together.

I have tried to subtly bring up my concerns, but he gets annoyed, offended and upset when I do - insisting that he wants no one else but me and that it was in the past and it shouldn't affect us. And that it was only at the end of the relationships when things weren't going so well or he has considered them broken up.

I know that men have a survival instinct when it comes to sex, and sometimes I wonder how he is actually coping without it seeing as though he loves it so much.

I know the saying once a cheater, always a cheater.. But please I ask you to refrain from making this your only point in replying.

what are your thoughts and do you have any ideas on how to raise this in a way where he will answer honestly?

By SkyHighCrew 15 years ago :: Dating
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