Is It right to reject someone, hellbent on dating you?

OK, I know this guy, he's hitting on me, ALOT. except, But I have absolutely no interest In him whatsoever, we are entirely different,
e.g: I read Voltaire, Erich Maria Remarque, Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare Ambrose Bierce, Tolkien . He's only ever read Twilight. I'm an avid theater and music aficionado, while he is completely uneducated in culture. We have nothing in common and the only thing he's basing the possible relationship on is that we are both gay. Its beginning to bother and I'm avoiding him at all possible opportunity's, mainly because he's convinced himself he has a chance, assuming he's as important to me as my best friends, he's dangerously building his hopes up.
But I worry, that If i reject him, It will spoil my reputation as a kind, respectable person. Your opinions if you please.
By Advanced_Basic 15 years ago :: Dating
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