Should I change my cell phone number?

My husband found "flirting texts" on my phone. It was a guy from 20 years ago when we were in the 9th grade. He was only at my high school for one semester and we never spoke since. He had an interest in me back then and recently he found me on a social website. He lives across the country. I entertained these conversations because I truly feel neglected by my husband. He is always grouchy and has become controlling. He never offers compliments to me but only complains about something not being clean or done in the house.

I am somewhat relieved that my husband found the phone so that he could finally listen and have an open conversation on my feelings in the relationship but of course it always leads back to how he feels about everything.

He is demanding that I change my number or he will throw it in the lake. He has also hidden my cell phone from me.

I have had my cell phone number for over 8 years before our marriage and it is my contact number on resumes that I have submitted to try to gain employment.

Should I give in and change my phone number?
By pmpkinpie 15 years ago :: Marriage
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