what can i do about my girlfriend parents?

Hi, i live in canada, my story is here.

we love eachother so much to the point where we have no wrong or right, we just do whatever we feel like to do,,, however, we both have been disadvatange from this because i am failing at uni, and the biggest problem is that she gets home too late. e.g. after 1am-4am ,,, and her parents does not want us to be toghether anymore because of this, but it didnt feel that it was wrong how she gets home after 1am.... now it came to a point with her parents and they told her that you either move out or leave him. she is in a bad situation, and i feel bad, because we have been through this before, but this time there is an end to something.

i do not know what to do, she calls me, and i dont say anything because we done this before and there is no second chance. please i need HELP ASAP.

note, we dont want to split because we suite eachother, so leaving is not an option, just need help/advice or whatever help is out there,
By leo_44 14 years ago :: Dating
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